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Where can I buy Blue Line Solutions Products in Canada? 
Contact your local dealer, or phone our Sales Department at 604-428-2583 for help. 

What does the Blue Line Solutions warranty cover? 
For Warranty Info visit here.

Does Blue Line Solutions have a retail store, or can I pick up my package directly from your warehouse? 
Unfortunately, at this time Blue Line Solutions does not have a retail location, we are strictly a wholesale distibutor. Also, we are not able to have a direct warehouse pickup option.   

Where can I find safety brochures for your products? 
Most brochures and manuals can be found online in corresponding product pages. 

Can I dry fire my GSG 1911 .22LR pistol? 
No, dry firing of .22 LR pistols is not recommended. 

What kind of ammunition should I use in my GSG, Alfa Proj, Swiss Arms pistols and rifles? 
Do not use reloaded, remanufactured, or handloaded ammunition because it may not meet applicable SAAMI, CIP or NATO standards and could cause death, serious personal injury, or property damage. Only use high quality commercially manufactured ammunition in the same caliber as recommended by the manufacturer. More specifically, GSG .22LR, Swiss Arms .22LR handguns, only use high velocity .22LR (HV) ammunition. Read the safety manual for more information. (Note: Use of reloaded, remanufactured, or handloaded ammunition will void the warranty).

Can I use +P and +P+ ammunition? 
We suggest using ammunition that is manufactured and meets SAAMI or industry specifications. If you are not sure the ammunition brand or type you choose is safe for use, call the ammunition manufacturer and ask if the product meets SAAMI guidelines before using it in you firearm. Some +P ammunition meets these guidelines, +P+ normally does not. This ammunition may generate a higher pressure over the standard loadings, and may shorten the component life of your firearm.

Can I use lead bullets? 
No, we recommend the use of jacketed ammunition only.

How do I return my Blue Line Solutions pistol for service / repair? 
Fill out the Warranty Claim Form and follow the instructions. If you have additional questions, you can contact Warranty Services via email.

Does Blue Line Solutions offer any import / exports custom's services? 
No, we do not offer any import / export custom's services at this time.

Can I purchase spare parts from Blue Line Solutions? 
No, we do not sell spare parts. For more info contact our Warranty Department. 

When will the GSG MP40 be available in Canada? 
The MP40 is currently in for classification with the RCMP. We do not have a definitive answer, or expected date for its FRT classification. 

Do you ship to United States, or Europe? 
No, we do not ship our products outside of Canada. 


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