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Alfa Proj. 351


Barrel Length: 4.5″ / 120mm
Calibre: .22WMR
Rounds: 8

Low weight, efficiency and still long life cycle are the essential characteristic features of Holek revolvers, calibre 22 WMR and 22 LR. Thorough inspection of used materials and precise high strength parts allow successful usage as a sporting arm. The light alloy frame contains steel casts and inserts that assure always friction of steel on steel to maintain the maximum life cycle. Any impact of shot is transmitted from the steel parts to the frame purposefully on large surface to assure maximum life cycle duration. Low weight implies less hand strain at longer aiming making thus the Holek 22LR revolvers the ideal option for ladies or junior shooters. The superior surface finish and attractive appearance wed the high user safety and reliability. The ideal choice for any shooting purpose and leisure time activity.

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Additional Information

Weight 1600 g
Dimensions 33 x 21 x 7 cm