Masterpiece Arms manufacturing facility is located in Comer, GA. Their building size is currently 20,000 sq ft, however an expansion is planned over the next 2-3 years, nearly doubling their size.

They are one of the few firearms companies that produces the majority of their own components within their facility. Their equipment list includes over 40 CNC Machine Tools, including Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centers, Swiss Turn CNC Lathes, Multi Axis CNC Lathes, 5 Axis Vertical CNC, Robotic Load/Unload Automation, Heat Treat, Conversion Coatings Systems for Black Phosphate and Black Oxide as well as Miller Synchrowave TIG Welding Systems. Other than Springs, polymer (injection molding), and fasteners, they turn, machine, fabricate, weld, heat treat, coat and assemble almost every part utilized in their weapons. They are definitely NOT an assembly house.

They design and build all of their own machining and turning fixtures, test benches, assembly and welding Fixtures, and Special Gaging.

Their Quality System is World Class. They were originally certified to QS9000/ISO9002 in 2002 and then became TS16949/ISO9002 Registred in 2007. They have an experienced quality staff, perform their gage calibration “in-house”, and strictly follow the processes dictated by their quality system, which are audited once per year by an “outside” registrar.

MPA is constantly upgrading their manufacturing and quality related equipment. They recently added a “State of the Art” decibel metering system to benchmark and verify their Sound Suppressor performance and compare to their competition. The National Instruments Lab View Software and Hardware system, coupled with GRAS Microphones and Calibrators, provides extraordinary feedback for their Suppressor Manufacturing practices.

A full staff of Manufacturing Engineers are constantly working on new weapon designs, product enhancement and other engineering related functions. They recently hired a Suppressor specialist for their ever increasing line of Sound Suppressors. The Staff uses Solidworks, Mastercam, and Surfcam for all of their solid modeling and CAD/CAM requirements.

At MPA, they are passionate about weapons and the firearms market. Every MPA Weapon and Suppressor that leaves their facility is built by personnel who truly care about the products they are producing and providing to the US and International Markets. They are proud to be an American Firearms Manufacturer.